Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My bad... I wasn't here...

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and apologies to those of you who were who were considerate enough to visit my new blog this past year, but received no response from me.

The formation of the blog coincided with a few other missions that were underway for me, so I was suddenly called away and rendered busy for a long time and for some very good reasons. Visiting the Holyland for a month, expanding my studio for many more, gathering material for a modern Jewish-American wedding album I'm producing in my studio and working hard with my new business partners, Ariel Publicity, to get the word around, organizing PR for the new direction I’ve taken with my group, Takana, the “Reach Out” CD and the rest of my musical endeavors.

The newsletter is coming soon (iy"H, for those who are concerned), so the opportunity to subscribe will be made available on www.veroba.net and all will hopefully begin to make sense.

I see I missed responding to some very tempting comments and I'm hoping you'll return to discuss them again. I'm looking forward to hearing from you and invite you to return as soon as you can.

Thanks again for coming and for listening! A freilechen Adar.

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Ruchiccio! said...

I'm still enjoying Reach Out as much as when i just got the album. I must say that the the songs Speechless and Man to Man seriously touched me in a good way. Keep giving us the best of jewish music! All the best!